Agario tips and awesome tricks

Agario tips and awesome tricks

Posted by on Nov 21, 2016 in Game Tips |

agario tips top right imageWith so many online games on the World Wide Web available for our entertainment and enjoyment, it is quite hard to finish with flying colors and beat the game itself. So many online active players run through one game successfully before proceeding to a brand-new game. But for some people out there who are not that adept in finishing and winning certain types of online games, you need not worry anymore. In this day and age, so many tech experts have developed ways such as tips and tricks to win online games easily and quickly.

agario-tips-image-leftOne game that is generating a buzz online is a fairly simple game called Agario. It is a game often dubbed simple because of its basic graphic design, lack of audio and sounds, and little to no plot lines. The premise of the game centers on cells that rotate, revolve and roam around a certain allotted space. These cells move and spread all over the shared space, all aiming to eat as many large masses of cells all across the entire map developed exclusively for the game, Agario.

Despite how this game takes pride in its simplicity, online experts and developers have created a way to get through the game in much simpler and quicker ways. If you are looking for a way to win the game easier, then this article was written for the likes of you. We have created a list of tips and tricks for you to always win using some clever Agario hack tools.

  1. Agario Extended – This is a software that was created to manipulate the game. The software, Agario Extended is mostly commonly referred to as the one that offers the most interesting features to add to your Agario gaming experience. With Agario cheats, you can turn the visible borders on the sides of the game on and off according to your liking. This app also allows you to show or hide the map of the game.
  2. Agario MiniMap – This Agario cheat is a software that allows you to hack the game. This plugin makes Agario easier by offering some help by providing an additional mini-map to your game screen. You can find the newly added minimap at the bottom right part and shows you your current position. It is at its most useful when you are in need of identifying where you exactly are in the game.
  3. Agario Movement Keys – This script software allows the player, to move across the map only by making use of the arrow keys or the WSAD keys on the keyboard. This software makes it easier for the player to move around the screen, especially for those who prefer to use certain keys on the keyboard to move through the game.

Apart from that feature, this software allows you to connect the game to your desktop or your tablet. Imagine having what is possibly the most addictive game on your personal tablet? What could be better?

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Best Upcoming Game Titles – October 2016

Best Upcoming Game Titles – October 2016

Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Gaming News |

img-2-for-postThe last quarter of the year was always busy with game releases and this October we can expect some of the best games ever to be released. Traditionally, every October, like every Christmas families gather around the Christmas tree to open gifts; gamers await in the same manner upcoming games.

Game developing companies know this, and this is why they save the best for last quarter of the year. So let’s take a look at these awesome game titles that are sure to leave even the most demanding gamers speechless.

Mafia is Coming Back to Gaming World.

If you loved the first part of Mafia and waited for the second part of the game only to be disappointed and dangerously close to deciding never to play another game, Mafia III will bring back your belief in game development. In this third installment of the Mafia series, the story takes place in New Orleans, or at least in the fictionalized version of it.

The main Protagonist is a Vietnam African American veteran Lincoln Clay and players follow his story as he fulfills his plan to take revenge on the mob in town. The game looks stunningly awesome and is becoming a promising game title. Maybe the best in the year, but this is something that the gamers will judge after it’s released on October 7th.

Sexiest Grave robber is back.

Lara Croft and her adventures are famous in the gaming world as these game titles stretch back to almost twenty years ago when the first Tomb Raider was released. The Rise of the Tomb Raider is yet another sequel to this amazing game series, and it’s huge. This time, the famous tomb scavenger has found herself searching for the immortality promise.

The story occurs one year after the previous part of the game. As Lara is still trying to explain to herself the appearance of the supernatural being and the events in the previous sequel, and there are traces in this game as well. And for hardcore fans of this game development company, there is a big Easter egg that involves the infamous Soul Reaver- a sword from the Legacy of Kain series.

Civilization VI.

There is a new title for fans of strategy games. If you’ve played any Civilization sequel, you know the importance of a good military plan. And now with this game, you can combine everything that you’ve learned from previous installments of the game to create a unique strategy.

For the first time, gamers will be able to expand their cities in Civilization. Diplomacy, Religion, or a head on approach using brutal warfare are some of the choices you can make to improve your nation.

Get your gaming consoles ready and your PC’s upgraded as this winter you will have the best games in gaming history. So stay tuned and wait for these awesome game releases as we all are waiting for them. Remember to comment on game channels so that we can continue to shape games with our user experience.

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DomiNations – How to collect medals

DomiNations – How to collect medals

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Playing DomiNations can be pretty impressive for anyone, the possibilities to explore are numerous, the achievements you can unlock, the medals you can collect, the things you can learn in this game are also numerous and exciting. When you pick your favorite among seven greatest nations, you can begin your adventure through ages.

Constructing fortresses, houses and buildings will teach you a lot about architecture and culture of the nation you have chosen, building the wonders of the world also gets you a lot of resources and it’s one of the things that will keep you high on the ladder of the best DomiNations players.

Raiding is one of the most important aspects of this game, and your army has to be in excellent condition, you have to choose which soldiers you want and how much archers or knights you need.

first-photo-for-postAlso, you have to figure out how to adapt your military to each situation. Of course, you have to practice, the old saying – “Practice makes everything perfect”, is entirely suitable in this case. Think about your army’s formation, think about your working power and use them for the right thing at the right time. Upgrading should be done when you already finished everything you can do for that day, this way you won’t lose time waiting for your buildings to upgrade.

Collecting medals isn’t an important aspect of this game. However, there are some benefits you can reap from this. The most important thing about getting medals is bragging, and it’s almost their only purpose. Sharing your success on your Facebook page, or being better than your friends has its own advantages. If nothing else you will feel amazing.

Collecting medals can keep you at the top of the charts, and you can even become one of the best DomiNations players if you’re a persistent person. The only key to success and unlocking medals and achievements is being persistent. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure your success, and cheat other players if necessary.

There is one Dominations hack for Windows concerning the number of medals. If you really want to keep your medal number on the same level, there is one thing you could do, it is still working, and I can’t be sure how much longer it will function, but here is the trick.

second-photo-for-post-bottom-left-sideAttacking an enemy is a risky business, but it’s the one that got you all the medals, and it’s most important aspect of this game, it brings you the most resources and the game is just unthinkable without it.

If you’re losing a battle, quit a game before it ends and the report arrives. This way you medal count will stay the same; naturally, you will lose resources and troops.

Now, if you’re a real cheater, you can use Dominations cheats that will replace all the resources you lost during unsuccessful battles or spent on building and upgrading, enter the amount of the needed resources and you can continue your game with all your medals in their place.

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