Diablo II – One of the Best Console Games of All Time

Diablo II – One of the Best Console Games of All Time

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You can never deny the replay value that Diablo II has, despite its graphics appearing quite dated. Also, its gameplay is very addictive whether you play single player mode or multiplayer mode.

There was a title before this, Diablo I and that game is also as addictive as this one. The sequel was one of the most anticipated of all time. It wasn’t surprising to the players seeing that Blizzard North was able to produce this game in a more entertaining and exciting way.

Yet while the gameplay style of hack-and-slash may seem very familiar to those who have already played the first game, Diablo II comes with a more complex gameplay, not to mention it has been much expanded also.

Diablo I was only focused on a single place where the hero had to go deeper into a dungeon and eradicate all evil that is in there. In exchange for all its complexities and the additional size, you will need to tolerate its low-resolution graphics plus some gameplay troubles than what you might to have expect from the games made by Blizzard.

The original Diablo series was mainly criticized for its short gameplay in its single player mode, including how there is this sole dungeon setting. Taking that into account, Diablo II is set in a larger game setting and the actions made by the player is not just focused in a single location.

The entire gameplay is divided into 4 distinct acts and comes with its own setting. Diablo II even permits outdoor exploration added to a series of dungeon explorations. Some players find the outdoor exploration not as exciting as they think it could have been.

Overall, Diablo II is exactly like the original – its main objective is to hack through legions of monsters, gain items it produces and enhance the abilities so that your character can confront even stronger and greater enemies as you advance.

This will be until you reach Diablo, the Lord of Terror. However, this time, it comes with a better story that will serve its players and an even better framework. The quests that you receive in towns and villages will no longer be random as they relate to each other.

Why Diablo 3 isn’t one of the best console games of all time?

Diehard fans of Diablo I and Diablo II will seethe when asked about what went wrong with the third installment, well at least from their point of view. Many gamers, most especially those who have not played the previous versions, will argue that Diablo III is a great game, but many of those who grew up with the original series will say so otherwise.

Their opinion is drawn from the fact that the third issue is just riding on the success that the first two versions got. What’s more, Diablo III is just exaggerating its graphics in order to give that wow factor to its players. Most Diablo fans agree that the third in the series has lost its intensity that the first two have. These are just some of the major reasons why the third version didn’t make it to the best top console games of all time.