Baseball in Overwatch?

Baseball in Overwatch?

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If you like, FPS games you’ve probably heard about Overwatch. In this game, players have so many possibilities due to the diversity of character types. There are over 20 characters in Overwatch, each with a special set of skills and abilities.

This is why players that became tired of constant battles in deathmatch, team deathmatch and other game modes created something for their own fun. Badminton is one of the games that players invented in Overwatch.


1st-image-overviewAbout Badminton in Overwatch.
Perhaps you’ve seen it perhaps it is better that you didn’t, but there are badminton matches on Overwatch official servers. Play is divided into two teams on an improvised court.

Another two players create a net by projecting a shield generating beam to one another. The judge is usually Junkrat as he is the only one with a grenade launcher.

The grenade acts as a ball and 4 Genji’s are players that make the team. Ingenious isn’t it. Genji’s are using their deflect ability and the ball goes from one side of the court to another.

Once the grenade explodes on one side of the court the opposite team wins a point, and Junkrat, the judge, is paying close attention to where and how the ball, in this case grenade, lands.
What about Baseball?
There could be baseball in Overwatch too, and players are already thinking of a way to respectfully represent a baseball game. The biggest issue is the court as the baseball court is pretty big. Finding role players won’t be a big problem.

One player can choose Genji character to be the batter deflecting the pitcher’s ball. The pitcher can obviously be Junkrat and a catcher can be any player with low health that will sacrifice himself for the team.

Runners can be any fast character players with high enough stamina to make them travel across great distances. So, in theory, this can work, it is up to players of Overwatch to determine if it can be actually applied in an online game.


overview-2nd-imageGame of limitless possibilities.

Overwatch is one of those games where you can do just about anything and players that play badminton online are living proof that even other games can exist within this one. Game developers never intended this game to be so adaptive to new ideas made by players.

What remains to be seen is how far players will go to invent something new. Game developers were already inspired by the creativity of players as they created a new mode called Rocket league. It resembles Rocket leagues where players play the ball to one another to strike a point by throwing the ball in the goal.
In future gaming, we can expect to have only a couple of games where players are allowed to do anything. It will be like a virtual playground and players are the ones that decide what game will be played on which server. We hope that we will see this type of games soon.

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Are Baseball Games Extinct?

Are Baseball Games Extinct?

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Sport fans know the importance of a good game that brings excitement and joy to the audience and players as well. Gamers that like sports games are a bit disappointed with baseball game companies mainly because there wasn’t as baseball game since 2012.

The last baseball game was released for almost every console including PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Wii, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. Major League Baseball 2K12 was fun to play, but gamers demand more games like it. It almost four years now and there wasn’t a sequel to the game title.

mainOculus Rift Baseball?
Yes, now you can play baseball on Oculus Rift, and feel the sensation of standing on the field with the audience and faithful fans cheering your name while you swing that bat and send the ball into the sky.

It isn’t perfect but seeing players with your own two eyes on Oculus Rift in 3D is far better than looking at the monitor or TV screen. You can control either with a joystick or with Oculus Rift controllers.

The choice is yours but we highly recommend playing it on sensor sticks that come with Oculus Rift. It gives you the full experience where you need to lock the ball with your eyes and swing the bat. It isn’t that easy and we can tell it from experience.
A new Baseball game.
There were some rumors about a new baseball game that will be released on consoles and PC but there is no official information yet. All we know is there will be a new professional baseball game, and we can expect it in Q4 2016 or Q2 2017.

Fans will be pleased to hear any official information but game development companies are still holding anything relevant to themselves. Sometimes a surprise is good but in this case the anticipation makes fans anxious.

There are a lot of small games and baseball simulators that can keep you busy until a sequel is released so make sure you try them all to kill some time before the real thing arrives.

2ndWhat can be expected from a new baseball game?
Judging by other sports games that have stunning graphics and physic systems the new baseball game must be flawless.

Just looking at next-gen games with mad graphics where players have a movie like experience while playing the game, we are sure that new baseball games won’t be any different.

NBA, FIFA, and NFA already got new sequels so why there isn’t a baseball game sequel is beyond us. Perhaps game developers want to make sure that they are presenting something unique and special. This may be the reason why we are waiting for so long.

In any case, we can soon put our worries to rest and enjoy a new baseball game that is yet to be released. But when that moment comes we can sit back and relax. Gamers and fans of sports games expect nothing but the best gameplay from the new MLB2K13.

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Overwatch Championship Announced

Overwatch Championship Announced

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Due to the high popularity of the game and more than 15 million players registered playing Overwatch so far game developing company Blizzard announced World Cup type of competition. It was also recorded that more than 500 million hours of gameplay was played by players online. The statistics of gameplay and the number of active players online showed game developers that their work was finally paid off, and the success they were striving to achieve was accomplished. Thus they started working on an idea for a world cup that would allow countries to gather a team of their best players that would be considered a national team for Overwatch worldwide competition.

How will it work?

blizzconlogoThe gaming community created an event on Blizzcon conference where the world cup will be held. Voting for the best team in the country will start next week, and by the end of the month, every country will have a team to enter the competition. Only the best players of Overwatch will be allowed to enter the national team, which is only natural because this they will represent their country in this game on the world cup. The world cup itself will be held in November this year, as officially announced by the Bizzard team.

Rules for voting.

Only players with a licensed game will be allowed to vote for a player and nominate them for a chance to enter a regional or national team. Voting is allowed only in your country or region where the game was registered. This means that if you bought the game for the U.S market and registered it there, you are allowed to vote for American pro-gamers and local gamers that have proved themselves worthy. However, if you are from Middle East, Asia, you must buy the game intended for that region’s market to participate and vote. All matches played so far will be closely examined by the developing team to choose the best player. The voting system is constructed in such way that only players who bought the game, and played it will be able to vote. Players that were on top of the list and an on the topic of discussion on Overwatch forums will be nominated, but other players will decide who will go to the world cup representing their country or region by voting.

Countries eligible for the world cup.

Six teams from Europe, another six from Asia and Pacific, four from North and South America will participate in the world cup in November on Blizzcon. Total of 16 teams will battle each other in various game mods including best-of-three, single elimination online qualifiers and other to filter the players and team that go towards the semi-finals and finals.

Every player that had the pleasure of trying the game and experiencing the awesome co-op, domination, as well as new rocket league mode, knows what Overwatch is all about. We are all excited to see the qualifications and the actual world cup as players from all around the world battle each other.

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