Overwatch Championship Announced

Overwatch Championship Announced

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Due to the high popularity of the game and more than 15 million players registered playing Overwatch so far game developing company Blizzard announced World Cup type of competition. It was also recorded that more than 500 million hours of gameplay was played by players online. The statistics of gameplay and the number of active players online showed game developers that their work was finally paid off, and the success they were striving to achieve was accomplished. Thus they started working on an idea for a world cup that would allow countries to gather a team of their best players that would be considered a national team for Overwatch worldwide competition.

How will it work?

blizzconlogoThe gaming community created an event on Blizzcon conference where the world cup will be held. Voting for the best team in the country will start next week, and by the end of the month, every country will have a team to enter the competition. Only the best players of Overwatch will be allowed to enter the national team, which is only natural because this they will represent their country in this game on the world cup. The world cup itself will be held in November this year, as officially announced by the Bizzard team.

Rules for voting.

Only players with a licensed game will be allowed to vote for a player and nominate them for a chance to enter a regional or national team. Voting is allowed only in your country or region where the game was registered. This means that if you bought the game for the U.S market and registered it there, you are allowed to vote for American pro-gamers and local gamers that have proved themselves worthy. However, if you are from Middle East, Asia, you must buy the game intended for that region’s market to participate and vote. All matches played so far will be closely examined by the developing team to choose the best player. The voting system is constructed in such way that only players who bought the game, and played it will be able to vote. Players that were on top of the list and an on the topic of discussion on Overwatch forums will be nominated, but other players will decide who will go to the world cup representing their country or region by voting.

Countries eligible for the world cup.

Six teams from Europe, another six from Asia and Pacific, four from North and South America will participate in the world cup in November on Blizzcon. Total of 16 teams will battle each other in various game mods including best-of-three, single elimination online qualifiers and other to filter the players and team that go towards the semi-finals and finals.

Every player that had the pleasure of trying the game and experiencing the awesome co-op, domination, as well as new rocket league mode, knows what Overwatch is all about. We are all excited to see the qualifications and the actual world cup as players from all around the world battle each other.

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