Here Are The Best Games of 2016 You Can Play

Here Are The Best Games of 2016 You Can Play

Posted by on Jan 18, 2017 in Gaming News |

We are taking a look back at 2016’s best video games consoles that you might have missed. This is for Xbox series, PlayStation series and PC. Depending on your gaming mode you can select any game you want to play. Here is some that topped the list in 2016.


Top 10 games on the list:


  1.       Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

An action-adventure with a dramatic story line. You can play it in Multiplayer mode or Single Player mode. If you have played the previous Uncharted games, you will want to say your farewell to Nathan Drake in this game.

  1.    Battlefield 1

A jaw-dropping action game that no one should miss. You will be drawn back to the bloody war of World War I. From shooting a person with a rifle or stabbing someone with a knife or a bayonet to riding in a tank and destroying everything on the map.

  1.    Forza Horizon 3

This is an open world racing game. The past Forza Horizon games are based more on speed and racing, this time the Forza Horizon 3 lets you run the show. You will be building your horizon post and be able to choose any destination you want to explore.

  1.    Overwatch

This is a team based multiplayer first person shooter game. With 21 unique heroes, this game mode will make players work together to be victorious.

  1.    Titanfall 2

This is a first-person shooter game. Titanfall 2 surpasses the first version. It gives the player more action packed experiences and gives the Titanfall fans a more satisfying gaming experience.

  1.    NBA 2k17

A basketball simulation game. If you are into basketball games, then you probably don’t want to miss this. NBA2k17 will give you a realistic look alike and voice like the players you have supported. Yeah, Because Ball is Life!

  1.    Street Fighter 5

A fighting game. The game’s Matchmaking might have experienced some problems after being released, but it all comes together when you are finally playing the characters. The game features some new characters to choose from aside from other old characters you are used to.

  1.    Dark Soul 3

An action role-playing game. Player’s characters are equipped with different types of weapons, armors, and many other items essential for the game.

  1.    HITMAN

A stealth game. In this game, you will have contracts to kill one or more individuals and you must accomplish without being caught.

  1.   Doom

This is a first-person shooter game. This is only a reboot of the Doom series which was first released on 1993 and Doom 3 in 2004. You will battle out demonic forces from hell by the Union Aerospace Corporation.


As we look forward to the new and ever improving gaming experience these recently released games give the producers and developers the opportunity to enhance their visual effects, story lines and a player to player interaction. The list will help you see what games you may have missed.

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The tactics of gaming that let you win

The tactics of gaming that let you win

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img-1stThough gaming is a lot of fun when you play it with your friends and family, it also has things that you might not have noticed immediately. There are games which helps improve skills that you may not have been aware of, skills that are able to be of help to you in the future.

Games such as chess, which has been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, are the reason why we have excellent tacticians or strategists that are very useful in battle. There are other games that are deemed useful for your everyday use or that can help you change for the better.

Though chess is a popular game to play by kids and adults and is known internationally, you have to understand that chess is like life and every move you make you cannot reverse. The king can represent the success that you want in life, but for you to achieve success you have to win the battle.

There will be moves that you will regret and sacrifices you will have to make but it is the way you will achieve your goal and that is to take your opponent’s king and win the game. Games can be a reflection of how life works as well. Though chess can be one way of looking at life, it can also help you make good moves or decisions that you have to make from day to day, and also it can help you improve your comprehension and your strategy skills.

img-3-for-postThough chess is one of the worlds’ oldest and famous games, there are games such as Scrabble that can help you with your vocabulary and reading skills. Don’t think that it will be a walk in the park when you start playing the game, because if you don’t know many words, then you will have a hard time playing.

Scrabble can help you spell the words and also let you value the importance of knowledge because if you don’t start reading, you will never learn new words.

The new words that can help you in the game, in Scrabble, it will reflect who you are because if you only know simple words, then it would imply that you do not read enough books and also in Scrabble it will help you manipulate and spell words. Also, you need some idea of mathematics and tactics to get the big scores. Never belittle the old and educational games because it can help you in your day to day living.

Now you can see the tactics of gaming and how much it can help you with your future well and education. You have to understand that in games, you may have a lot of chances to replay the game but not in life. When you start playing games, you are learning and applying what you have learned the same as in life.

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Agario tips and awesome tricks

Agario tips and awesome tricks

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agario tips top right imageWith so many online games on the World Wide Web available for our entertainment and enjoyment, it is quite hard to finish with flying colors and beat the game itself. So many online active players run through one game successfully before proceeding to a brand-new game. But for some people out there who are not that adept in finishing and winning certain types of online games, you need not worry anymore. In this day and age, so many tech experts have developed ways such as tips and tricks to win online games easily and quickly.

agario-tips-image-leftOne game that is generating a buzz online is a fairly simple game called Agario. It is a game often dubbed simple because of its basic graphic design, lack of audio and sounds, and little to no plot lines. The premise of the game centers on cells that rotate, revolve and roam around a certain allotted space. These cells move and spread all over the shared space, all aiming to eat as many large masses of cells all across the entire map developed exclusively for the game, Agario.

Despite how this game takes pride in its simplicity, online experts and developers have created a way to get through the game in much simpler and quicker ways. If you are looking for a way to win the game easier, then this article was written for the likes of you. We have created a list of tips and tricks for you to always win using some clever Agario hack tools.

  1. Agario Extended – This is a software that was created to manipulate the game. The software, Agario Extended is mostly commonly referred to as the one that offers the most interesting features to add to your Agario gaming experience. With Agario cheats, you can turn the visible borders on the sides of the game on and off according to your liking. This app also allows you to show or hide the map of the game.
  2. Agario MiniMap – This Agario cheat is a software that allows you to hack the game. This plugin makes Agario easier by offering some help by providing an additional mini-map to your game screen. You can find the newly added minimap at the bottom right part and shows you your current position. It is at its most useful when you are in need of identifying where you exactly are in the game.
  3. Agario Movement Keys – This script software allows the player, to move across the map only by making use of the arrow keys or the WSAD keys on the keyboard. This software makes it easier for the player to move around the screen, especially for those who prefer to use certain keys on the keyboard to move through the game.

Apart from that feature, this software allows you to connect the game to your desktop or your tablet. Imagine having what is possibly the most addictive game on your personal tablet? What could be better?

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